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The Block List Project

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Special and HUGE thank you to @fishcharlie for his automation contribution to the project. With his contribution it is no longer required to edit the alt-version or dnsmasq versions of the lists when doing pull requests. This is now done automatically on commit. Thank you to all those that help this project to continue moving forward.




These lists were created because the founder of the project wanted something with a little more control over what is being blocked. Many lists are all or nothing. We set out to create lists with more control over what is being blocked.



We have recently created an alternative versions of our lists.

Original Version:

 All urls in the version of the list are listed in the host file as follows


No Leading 0s Version:

 All urls in this version of the list are listed in the host file as follows

Our users brought it to our attention that some devices error out if the url is preceded by an IP address.


Beta dnsmasq Version:

 All urls in this version of the list are listed in the host file as follows


It was requested to add support for dnsmasq. We are currently testing 1 of our lists before creating a full set of lists. Please provide feedback.



These converted files can be used with various DNS and domain-blocking tools:

Using with Pi-hole:

  1. Copy the link to the Pi-hole format for the desired list (from the appropriate table below).
  2. Add the URL to your Pi-hole’s block lists (Login > Group Management > Adlists > Paste list URL in “Address” field, add comment > Click “Add”)
  3. Update Gravity (Tools > Update Gravity > Click “Update” )

  Instructions current as of Pi-hole 5.2.4  


Main Lists

List Original No IP dnsmasq Description Sponsor
Abuse Link Link   Lists of sites created to deceive Armstrong
Ads Link Link   Ad servers / sites  
Crypto Link Link   Crypto / cryptojacking based sites
Can break normal “good” crypto sites
Drugs Link Link   RE sites that deal with illegal drugs
Including RX drugs illegal to posses in the US
Facebook Link Link   Block FB and FB related / owned services  
Fraud Link Link   Sites create to fraud  
Gambling Link Link   All gambling based site legit and illegal  
Malware Link Link   Known sites that host malware  
Phishing Link Link   Sites created to phish info  
Piracy Link Link   Knows sites that allow for illegal downloads  
Porn Link Link   Porn or sites that promote porn W1T3H4T
Ransomware Link Link   Known sites that host or contain ransomware  
Redirect Link Link   Sites that redirect your from your intended site  
Scam Link Link   Sites that intend to scam  
TikTok Link Link Link Copy and pasted into your device  
Torrent Link Link   Torrent directory
Will likely block legit torrent sites used for legal software download
Tracking Link Link   Sites dedicated to tracking and gathering visitor info  


Beta Lists

List Original No IP dnsmasq Description Sponsor
Smart TV Link Link   Smart TV call home and ads  
Basic Start List Link Link Link Just a quick basic starter list  
WhatsApp List Link Link   User requested list that blocks only WhatsApp  


Deprecated Lists

List Original No IP Description Deletion date (
Everything Link Link This list was overly complicated to update 01.10.2021
YouTube Link Link This lists was removed due to the way YouTube serves its ads 01.10.2021

*Not supported by or affiliated with Pi-hole.


† A sponsor is someone that supports us on Patreon. All list are free and will always be free. This is just a way to say thank you to those that help keep this project going!

Using with other tools:

We are currently working on verifying compatibility with other tools. Please stand by. If you have a suggestion on a tool we should support please comment on our Reddit page.


Special thank you to Cloud 4 SURE for their generous donation every month to help cover our Linode bill.


For more details, see the LICENSE file.


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